Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp. Declares Pricing of $150 Million Initial Public Offering

Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp. (the “Organization”) declared today that it estimated its first sale of stock of 15,000,000 units for $10.00 per unit. The units will be recorded on The Nasdaq Capital Market (“Nasdaq”) and exchange under the ticker image “VTAQU” starting on December 24, 2020. Every unit comprises one portion of the regular stock, standard worth $0.0001, one right, and one redeemable warrant. Each privilege qualifies the holder thereof to get one-20th (1/20) of one portion of regular stock upon the culmination of an underlying business mix. Each warrant qualifies the holder thereof to buy one-portion of one portion of the basic stock for $11.50 per entire offer. When the protections containing the units start separate exchanging, the portions of basic stock, rights, and warrants are relied upon to exchange on Nasdaq under the images “Nasdaq vtaqu at ” “VTAQR” and “VTAQW,” individually.

Chardan is going about as sole book-running administrator of the contribution. The Company has conceded the financiers a 45-day alternative to buying up to an extra 2,250,000 units at the first sale of stock cost to cover over-allocations, assuming any.


An enlistment articulation identifying with these protections was pronounced compelling by the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on December 23, 2020. This official statement will not comprise a proposal to sell or the requesting of a proposal to purchase, nor will there be any offer of these protections in any state or ward wherein such offer, sales or deal would be unlawful preceding enrollment or capability under the protections laws of any such state or locale.

The contribution is being made simply by methods for an outline, duplicates of which might be acquired by reaching Chardan, 17 State Street, 21st Floor, New York, New York 10004. Duplicates of the enrollment articulation can be gotten to through the SEC’s site at

AboutVentoux CCM Acquisition Corp.

Nasdaq vtaqu. is an unlimited free pass organization framed to go into a consolidation, share trade, resource procurement, stock buy, recapitalization, rearrangement, or another comparative business mix with at least one organization or substance. While Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp. may seek after an underlying business mix in any locale or area, it plans to zero in our endeavors on organizations in North America inside the friendliness, recreation, travel, and eating areas with an accentuation on purchaser marked organizations that have alluring development qualities. Also, Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp. plans to seek after innovation organizations working in these areas, for example, business and customer administrations and foundation.  You can check more stocks like nasdaq snca at before stock trading.