How to make your house more welcoming to a guest

If you want company in your house, then you should make your house more welcoming for guests. It is as easy as tweaking your home d├ęcor to redistributing the furniture, etc. It is only a house a guest feels welcome they will visit again. Here is how to make your house more welcoming.

Make the entrance of your house beautiful

You should strive to make a good first impression with the entryway of your house. So you should spend time decorating it. The front of your house should attract guests not repel them. you can decorate your entrance with beautiful lights, artwork, a mirror, or anything that grabs the attention of anyone who sees it. Try to experiment with different decorations for the entrance of your house. You can get a bold statement piece or something stylish like a welcome mat. One of the ways to make the entrance of your house beautiful is by decorating it with plants. You can read about Bloomscape to know if they have the type of plants that you are interested in and the chances that the plants will grow properly if you buy from them.

Use soft textures and textiles in your home

Having everywhere as hard as a rock is not the best way to make a guest feel comfortable. No one wants to sit or relax on a piece of rock; the body wants comfort too. Soft textures and textiles in your home make it cozy and comfy. Things such as fluffy carpets, smooth furniture, etc. will make your guests feel at home. Try as much as possible to make your guests feel like they are in heaven with the softness and plushness of your home. The texture is a simple thing to integrate into your home’s design, so experiment with it. You can read about where to buy the right types of textures and textiles you are interested in on

Use beautiful colors and nice-smelling scents

The color of your home is a great factor in deciding how welcome your guests feel. Colour can evoke different moods and feelings, so you want to pick a color scheme that will evoke positive feelings in your house. Also, do not forget to spray your home with nice-smelling scents. Scents have a way of making the atmosphere tense or relaxing. If you use a good scent for your house, your guest will feel at home. Scented candles, fragrant flowers, freshly baked cookies, etc. can create the lovely scent you want

Make your bathroom a lovely place

Do not forget your bathroom; it is one of the spaces your guest will likely use before they go. Making your living room nice is great but you also have to make the bathroom inviting. You should get enough toilet paper, clean towels, soaps, etc, in your bathroom. You can go the extra mile to paint your bathroom; using a blue color can give off the scent of luxury and calmness. Put nice scented candles, flowers, etc in your bathroom as well for a good smell. Consider the overall design of the bathroom when decorating as well.

Let in natural light and declutter your home

Since you are not running some kind of prison where inmates cannot see the light of the day, you should allow some natural light into your home. Open your curtains and let light in. Dark rooms are less inviting than airy spaces. Besides, natural light can help make a small room look bigger, so it is a bonus for you. Also, you have to declutter your home. You do not want your guest barely able to sit at your table or on your couch. It is no fun for you and not appealing to your guests. Create a free, nice place for your guests where they can relax. Carve out a place for everything, so that you will not be cluttering the house with different things. If you live with other people, teach them how to keep the house free as well.

Provide edibles for your guests

Except for your guest declines, it is your responsibility as the host to provide refreshments for your guests. Food and drinks are also great ways of making a house welcoming for guests. Have a place where you keep drinks. At your guest’s request or obliging, you can get them something to drink. You can also have some snacks in your fridge just in case you do not have the time to prepare anything to eat. If you would be preparing something, ensure it is a delicacy your guest will not frown upon.

Be of a good attitude

Another way to make your guest more welcome in your house is to be of a good attitude. Put some cheer in your voice and actions when relating with your guest. Let it be visible that you are excited to see them. While they are at your house, do not be boring. Make small talk with them. Ask about their welfare and the state of things with them generally. If you have other members of the family around, encourage them to show some love to your guests.

Create a good guest room

You should have a guest room in your house in case any guest wants to pass the night or spend some days with your family. Get a plush bed with soft pillows that your guest can experience a good sleep on. You do not have to decorate the room with many items, a couple of chairs, a table and if you can afford it, a television set will do. You can also get some things such as plants, artworks, murals, etc to hang in the room. Ensure the room is well cleaned before you invite your guest to spend the night there.

Ask your guests for their preferences

It is good to take the initiative to make the house more welcoming for your guest, but what will ultimately satisfy them is their preferences. Know what your guests want and provide it. For instance, your guest may not like the idea of using strong scented candles if they are allergic to certain scents or are asthmatic. Some guests may prefer leaving their room bare rather than putting some plant in it. Just ensure you ask your guests what they are comfortable with and provide or take it out of the way in the guest room.